” The young man creates the future
while the old one speaks of the past ”

As a young corporation, we started our trading with the most known market leader in the tea worldwide.
On one hand dealing with traditional farmers, and on the other hand with tea suppliers and blenders in industrial countries is our specialty.
Natural tea, as any product of the Nature is supposed to encourage diversity. Carefully cultivated species without pesticides and, and rainfed farming guaranties a healthy safe harvest in expense of this diversity.
Changing a diverse organic raw tea into a taste satisfying beverage is a laborious sophisticated process and we are honored to do our part in this procedure.
When a cup of tea is sipped with pleasure in any part of the Globe, two smiles will be appeared; first on the face of a consumer and the other on the face of a farmer – and that’s the dream.
We choose the proper grades, refine by blending, pack and distribute with the highest quality.
Nivan Teasun makes you sure about the best possible product receiving through our ongoing quality control.
It doesn’t matter whether the order is from farthest countries the world or a neighbor country. We provide you the best result by optimal transport and standard storage.
You will get teas from us in packing according to European standard.
Packaging is processed with standard high quality paper sacks to guarantee the minimal moisture of the product and preserving its other characteristics to the optimum level.

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Iranian tea was cultivated for the first time in 1897 and now Iran has become a special place as traditional beverages, so that 4.5 percent of the world’s tea is Iranian tea.
The Iranian people use about 100,000 tons of Iranian tea annually.
The tea-makers in Iran have about 35,000 hectares of agricultural land.
Iranian tea is also popular in other parts of the world.
Now in two million and 788 thousand hectares of land in the world, tea is cultivated and each year, 4.5 million tons of tea leaves are harvested from this land.

Iranian tea which is cultivated in spring is a little pale, but more aromatic than the Iranian tea which is cultivated in autumn. The best and most flavorful Iranian tea is spring season tea and then is the Iranian tea in summer and autumn seasons.

Tea is the most consumed beverage in Iran; and generally the first thing offered to a household guest. Tea is integrated in Persian culture and some Iranians are obsessed about its taste, aroma, color and its other characteristics. Choosing a good tea and brewing it well, are supposed important skills that family members have to acquire. They are all familiar to it and for some moments, it brings together family members.

Iran is one of the top ten tea producers in the world. The climate of Gilan and Mazandaran between Caspian Sea coast at north; and Alborz Mountain in the south, with high humidity and sufficient rainfalls, makes it ideal for cultivating tea and some other herbal products.
Iranian black tea is cultivated in these regions, where rainfed agriculture is the routine procedure; hence they are free from unwanted minerals.
Traditional rainfed farming in this green land makes its products free from unwanted and hazardous minerals, which are sometimes found in agricultural products, produced in some other parts of the world.

That is the reason that many European companies are interested to use Iranian tea and Iran become one of the exporter countries in the world in case of black tea.

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